Our Dog Show

The original shows were a social occasion to meet other Lucas Terriers and discuss 'marriages'. As the event progressed, largely to the generosity of Jumbo, we enjoy the great annual turnout of Lucas Terriers from across the country.

Lucas Terriers are judged in their respective age class against the breed standard with a final Best in Show. While a small degree of competition is a bit of fun, it certainly is not taken to the lengths we see at Crufts or other high-profile events. Lucas Terrier owners stand apart from all this, and our informality and independence is something we cherish, so the main aims of our annual show are for owners to share their experiences and to keep a look out for possible mates for their dog or bitch.

Breeding small terriers is not an easy undertaking, but it is fascinating, rewarding and essential if we are to grow the number of Lucas Terriers and widen the gene pool for the long-term health of the breed. Breeding healthy dogs, with the right temperament, is the very essence of the Lucas Terrier Club.

One day Lucas Terriers may be sufficiently numerous and widespread that we can organise regional meetings. For the time being this is not practical so we have an annual show, usually in mid October, somewhere in middle England and within striking distance of the maximum possible number of owners. At the 2018 Show, which took place in Sarratt, we had 65 Lucas Terriers and over 125 people (owners and family members) attending.

Despite the numbers, many people commented on how amenable the dogs were with one another, and there was remarkably little scrapping or barking – a sure sign that we are breeding dogs with the right temperament. At the end of the Show we announce a range of winners, both dogs and bitches and of all ages, and this enables us to indicate and adjust a list of good breeding stock for the years to come.

The Annual Show is only open to members, and only to registered Lucas Terriers, and further details are within the restricted Members’ Area of this website.