Join The Club


The club was founded in 1998 to help preserve the breed, provide support to breeders and maintain health records for the future. The club runs solely for the benefit of it's members and their Lucas Terriers. Due to this, we can only accept new members who have a registered Lucas Terrier. We warmly welcome new members to join the Lucas Terrier family throughout their lifetime. Each member will receive three newsletters, have access to the members-only section of the website and receive invitations to member events.


The Club's overall vision is to promote and grow the Lucas Terrier breed in the UK.


The Club’s aims remain:

* Maintaining strict health records for the Lucas Terrier population - past, current and future

* Health testing (over the past 5 years 8% of dogs tested have been IVDD affected – it used to be 19%)

* Support the breeding programme (to maintain a healthy population with good confirmation and temperament)

Joining the Club

Once you have a Lucas Terrier, or are waiting to receive your puppy from the breeder, we hope you will want to join the Club. You’ll find that there is plenty of help and advice for you at all stages of your journey with your new dog, as well as newsletters and an annual show.

The health of the breed is a top priority and there will be expected medical tests which will need your full attention to ensure your dog has a long and healthy life and, we hope, will contribute to the breeding programme and to grow the breed.

Once (but not until) you have your own Lucas Terrier
Please print, complete and return the hard copy Membership Application form or complete an Online Application. The sooner you join, the sooner you will get the support of the Club and advice from the experts

If you are still looking for a Lucas Terrier you need to complete Puppy / Adult Dog Enquiry Form instead.