The Club

The Lucas Terrier Club (LTC) is an informally run private organisation developed for the purposes of preserving and promoting the Lucas Terrier and to offer assistance to breeders in sourcing registered Lucas Terriers or dogs of parent breeds for the continuance of the breed. The Club holds and maintains a register of Lucas Terriers from LTC registered parents or bred from acceptable stock (namely from Kennel Club registered Norfolk Terriers and Sealyham Terriers only).

The Lucas Terrier Club has a Committee which represents these amateur breeders and owners. The Club Officers are as follows:

    Position Person
    Honorary President & Treasurer Thomas Frost
    Chairman Annabelle Lucas
    Secretary Rebecca Takeda-Frost
    Breeding Coordinator Rebecca Takeda-Frost
    Puppy Coordinator Rebecca Lythe
    Events Coordinators Ruth Norfolk & Fiona Jane Maclean
    Webmaster Philip Dale
    Accountants Simon Day & Co