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Lucas Terriers are in great demand and only a small number of litters are produced every year. Litter sizes vary, but the average is three. There are no professional breeders dedicated to Lucas Terriers alone. Consequently, potential owners need to understand that it can be a long wait from joining the list to owning your own Lucas Terrier. The current Chairman had to wait 7 years before she was able to own her first dog – but the wait was definitely worth it. In the subsequent 23 years her dogs have given untold pleasure to family and friends, have produced a number of litters, and have provided an unexpected social dimension with like-minded owners around the world. Lucas Terriers are exceptionally affectionate, intelligent and good-natured, and we have owners who range in age from young to, well, very old!

Don’t be put off joining the list – breeders will choose to whom they sell their puppies so it isn’t necessarily a matter of slowly moving to the top. The needs of the puppy are paramount, and so this is the over-riding consideration when breeders choose suitable homes from the list. We are aware that you may tire of waiting and find another dog of a different breed, so we will email you after 6 months asking you to confirm your requirement.

Many people don’t want to go through the stage of owning a puppy but instead want a fully-trained dog or bitch. From time to time adult Lucas Terriers do become available, and for all sorts of reasons. Owners may be moving abroad, or they may be moving into and environment not best suited for dogs, or some other dynamic in the home may have changed. Whatever it is, the dog needs a new home – and perhaps quite quickly too.

If you are interested to take on an adult Lucas Terrier please let us know. As with puppies, these cannot be produced to order so please be patient. It will be very good to know that you are available, and a Lucas Terrier lover, should the opportunity arise.

Please be aware that your details will be passed at the appropriate time to any Lucas Terrier Club member who is expecting a litter. They may contact you using the details you have supplied, but will probably not leave a message as this would cause complications in the whole process. If your plans change and you no longer want a Lucas Terrier please email and your name will be removed from the list. The Puppy Seekers' List is just that - a list. There is no priority order, and breeders only use it if they wish.

We have a large number of eager people on the Puppy Seekers' List, all competing for a limited number of puppies (and some, inevitably, go to friends and family of breeders). The rest usually go to people who are within driving distance of the breeder's home. All our breeders are private individuals, so whether or not they breed is entirely up to them.

If you are offered a Lucas Terrier you are strongly advised to check with the Club that it comes from an approved litter – before purchasing. We have a very rigorous testing and matching service which does the best it can to ensure puppies are healthy and free from any genetic diseases. If the puppies do not come up to our standards we will not register them.

I do hope a breeder will contact you sooner rather than later, but that’s largely up to the Lucas Terriers themselves! If you are offered a puppy I strongly recommend you don’t turn it down – there is no guarantee of being offered another one any time after that.

One final point – please don’t try to join the Club until you have a Lucas Terrier. You need to own a Lucas Terrier to be a Club Member.

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