Sir Jocelyn Lucas

Sir Jocelyn Lucas, a long-time Sealyham breeder in the first half of the 20th Century, bred the first cross between a Norfolk Terrier and one of his own Ilmer Sealyhams. He found the mix produced an intelligent and feisty dog with an excellent temperament, suitable for use as a working terrier but equally happy as a domestic pet, and so named the cross after himself. Several distinct lines of Lucas Terrier were bred from the late 1940s, and these are still unbroken today. In later years his extensive kennels were managed by the Hon Enid Plummer, and she eventually took over the breeding programme as he became older and less involved. Sir Jocelyn died in 1980. Just prior to that, in the late 1970s Enid Plummer moved to Cornwall with some remaining Lucas Terriers and continued breeding there. She died in 1986 from complications following a hospital operation. A number of other breeders became involved and then faded away, during which time a few completely new lines were created. Even so, the majority of Lucas Terriers can trace their ancestry directly back to the founder of the breed.

Miss Jumbo Frost took on the task of growing the breed from Enid Plummer, who she knew well, and her dedication, foresight and personal generosity carried Lucas Terriers through until she too died in 2009. During that time she oversaw a transformation in the fortunes of the breed, was instrumental in widening the gene pool and in setting a number of standards which are still followed today. The UK now has nearly 500 Lucas Terriers alive today – by far the largest number in the world.

The Lucas Terrier is a very sought after and most lovable of dogs, and one which has gained the loyalty of owners throughout this country and overseas.

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